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Women from Dalit and marginalized families are the main victim of several kind of discrimination; based on gender, caste and class. Empowering to marginalized section of society is the key intervention area of SATHI-UP. Collectivized women in leadership position articulate their issues and engaged with the concerned stakeholder to realize the equality in progressive manner. 
Concept behind the working with women are 1) Promoting women leadership in their families, society level and address the food security issues 2) Engaging women for realization of entitlements provisioned in different government schemes and 3) Promoting women participation in decision making process at their family and local governance level. 
Women’s from marginalized and deprived families have been collectivized in form of women CBOs (Nari Sangh) to drive the development initiatives in their community. Women’s collectives are from hamlet/village level formed Nari Sangh at GP level in the representation 150 target group families Collectivized women in leadership position engaged in realization of basic entitlements and participating in local self governance system. Women leadership in their families and society play role of a development actors and work as platform for demand generation. Women’s coordination with block and district level government official contribute to strengthen delivery system at community level. 
This development initiative impacted on targeted families on their quality of life through realization of basic entitlements, food security and income enhancement. Improved quality of life of Nari Sangh families in terms of children education, primary health care and food intake; recognized and appreciated women leadership at families, society and PRIs level.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Introduction: Supporting Association for Thematic and Holistic Initiatives popularly known as SATHI-UP. It is a network of grass root development organizations. The concept of SATHI was developed in 1992 but as a result of long hours of sharing and discussion, it was decided to form a platform with name of SATHI-UP. It is registered under Societies Registration Act 1860, to promote a state level participatory platform to the voices of rural community, panchayats and voluntary organizations by strengthening them for achieving Gram Swaraj. SATHI-UP currently has a membership of around 469 organizations of UP across 40 districts and it has given a name to its district level unit which is SATHI District Forum (SDF). These forums are from eastern, central and Bundelkhand regions of UP. 

             Key Thrust Behind Establishment:

Key Thrust Behind Establishment: SATHI-UP believes that the voluntary organizations are a very big resource of the society for improving the quality of life of poor people and development particularly in a developing country like India .Therefore SATHI-UP intends to promote a culture of ‘Friendship-Dialogue and co-operation ‘ among the voluntary organizations at district level as well as state level. And SATHI –UP envisages as an outcome “the groups of credible and institutionally developed member organizations in order to contribute & foster the process of improving the quality of life of poor people and development at larger scale in UP. 

             SATHI’s Vision:

SATHI envisions an inclusive and progressive society; where everyone is growing holistically and contributing to the multi-dimensional human development.

              SATHI’s Mission:

Improving the life situation of marginalized sections of society and enhancing capacity of civil society individuals as well as civil society organizations to catalyze the development actions in underdeveloped regions.

            SATHI’s Objective:

  • To promote the “friendship-dialogue and co-operation among Civil Society Organizations and various duty bearers for contributing towards Gram-Swarajya.
  • To enlighten the image of Voluntary organization by the transparent and innovative role of voluntary sector in development.
  • To develop the Rights Based Approach on the working of SATHI-UP member CSOs.
  • To undertake advocacy on issues of concern at village, local self governance and government levels.
  • To promote social harmony and national integration in the state.
  • To strengthen the institutional capacity of grass-root level VOs in order to alleviate poverty and establish Gram Swarajya.
  • To facilitate, & if necessary, co-ordinate training, research, documentation & publication on relevant issues.


WOMEN EMPOWERMENT AND GOVERNANCE: Women from Dalit and marginalized families are the main victim of several kind of discrimination; ba...